Precious Metals

We use Roentgen's x-ray fluorescence to analyze the elemental composition during the excitation process and only deal in already certified or assayed collectible metals, so that we simply act as another layer of verification. We also perform a standard inspection with a loupe and micrometer to make sure that things match the grade as well.

Jewely and Watch

All Jewelry and Watches are inspected both inside and out. From the purity and grade to the engravings, chronograph movement, and more - we hold a high standard to our verification process. We believe that you should have both condifence and pride in any piece that you wear.

Designer Accessories
And rare Collectibles

Regardless of where you are, your accessories help to define your image. From electronics to shoes, handbags, and wallets - we deal in the items that are limited, collectible, or that carry the weight of a name. The same care we take with all other items that we handle is taken with these.

So, what services do we offer?

We serve as an agent in the process of sourcing and selling luxury items.
Keeping things short and simple is our philosophy; you should spend time
enjoying the things you love, not worrying about the processes involved.

  • Item Sourcing

    We can hunt down nearly any items that you request; we will even talk to collectors and will negotiate in your place to find the best available price.

  • Consignment

    Auctions can be set up, through us, for any pieces remaining from your old collections. We will select the outlet that maximizes your profit.

  • Retrofitting

    We can also modify aged electronics and implement new features and hardware while keeping the outer appearance of the item the same.

Interested yet?

We would be happy to hear from and work with you if you want an item sourced, sold, or authenticated.

Please enter a valid certificate number to scan our database for the record of its matching item appraisal.

You can also simply scan the QR code, if available.